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# 校长寄语


Every students can be successful.


Editor’s notes: You know what? Every student is of different learning styles and types. So, which one does your child belong to? Is he or she an auditory learner, a visual learner, or an operational learner? Join us in ASJ’s MYP classrooms today and see how we cater to different learning needs!

# Learning Style


美国圣约翰大学教授Dunn研究发现每个学习者擅长的学习风格(Learning Style)略有不同。Neil Fleming在1987年提出VARK模式的学习风格分类形式,他把人的学习模式分为听觉型(Auditory)、视觉型(Visual)、读写型(Read/Write)和操作型(Kinesthetic)四种,其中读写型也叫操作类型。

Dunn, a professor at St. John’s University, found that each learner excels in a slightly different learning style. Neil Fleming proposed the VARK model in 1987, which classifies human learning styles into auditory, visual, read/write, and kinesthetic learning, where read/write learning is also known as the kinesthetic learning.


IB curriculum embraces the idea that respecting the diversity and differences in learners’ learning styles is an important aspect of cultivating their international mindset. Each learner is predisposed to a preferred method to perceive things in the outside world and receive information. Some students process information most effectively by using a visual learning style, just as others rely more heavily on either an auditory, read/write or kinesthetic style of learning.



Hence, at ASJ, MYP teachers adhere to the teaching philosophy of differentiated instruction so that each student can enjoy opportunities for personalized learning. Teachers provide extra help, encouragement and support for students based on students’ characteristics, interests and learning needs, creating a learning community that encourages student engagement, focuses on collective collaboration and responds to diverse learning needs.



语文基础夯实班Chinese Tutorial

数学基础夯实班1 Math Tutorial L1

雅思提升班 Advanced English Tutorial - IELTS

英语中级班 Intermediate English Tutorial

英语口语班 Oral English L1

英语口语班2 Oral English L2

英语基础夯实班1  Basic English Tutorial L1

英语基础夯实班2  Basic English Tutorial L2



数学基础夯实班2 Math Tutorial L2

数学基础夯实班3 Math Tutorial L3

英语基础夯实班3  Basic English Tutorial L3

美术兴趣班 Art


As you can see above, in the first two months of this school year, various extracurricular classes have been offered by MYP teachers, including IELTS Class, foreign and Chinese teachers’ English Corner, Visual Arts Class, Mathematical Olympiad Class, Math Tutorials, Chinese Tutorials, English Tutorials, etc. These classes are designed to expose and engage students in a state of persistent and autonomous learning, and to accommodate students’ diverse learning needs with a variety of teaching materials and methods.

# IELTS Class


#Oral English Class


#English Class


# Discussing



First, to help students with their second language acquisition, some English teachers place a focus on auditory experience by playing original Cambridge IELTS tapes to cater to auditory learners; some organize classes from the perspective of visual learning by showing original English videos and pictures for visual learners; some take care of kinesthetic learners by providing textual materials or showing the framework of knowledge to match their cognitive level. In short, they have racked their brains preparing for lessons, always in search of the most appropriate way for students to learn.


Secondly, in order to foster students’ science thinking, mathematics teachers have also experimented a variety of teaching methods, such as the flipped class model which focuses on students’ group discussion and independent exploration, supplemented by teachers’ guidance. They’ve also been practising one-to-many or one-to-one collision of ideas with students. For visual learners, some mathematics teachers use tables, formulas, mind maps and other visual aids in their classes to display abstract knowledge, so that these students can better understand and remember the content. It is with their unremitting attempts that the MYP students at ASJ are increasingly enthusiastic about learning mathematics.

# Mathematics Class


# Discussing


#Trail for the Math Olympiad Class



Third, in addition to the “dreary” knowledge-based subjects, ASJ’s MYP Department also tries to tap students’ artistic talents. The first testing ground is the Visual Arts Class where students are given plenty of room to play with their ideas, so they can be as creative as they want to be.


Postscript: No two leaves in the world are exactly alike, and so are the students. Each learner is an independent individual and they all have the potential to make accomplishments.


ASJ values each student and provides a differentiated learning environment which does not seek an absolute equality, but rather emphasizes personal development of each student and creates opportunities for each student to succeed.


Education is never only about the classroom, but rather a synthesis that requires educators’ ability to pay close attention to learners, adjust classroom management and develop instructional content in a timely manner. In the future, ASJ will continue to focus on students’ learning status, discern their learning styles, provide targeted assistance and support for each of them, and teach according to their different personalities and needs to promote the their participation and bring out their initiative and creativity.

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Time waits for no one. Let’s not waste the time to excel in learning.


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翻译 :Alice Zhang & Basil
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