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Christmas and New Year Holiday Notice of the Affiliated School of Jinan University for Hong Kong and Macao Students



The Christmas and New Year Holiday will start from December 18th (Saturday) to January 3rd (Monday) and there will be no classes during the holiday.






The arrangement for leaving school on December 17th are as follows,

1. The students who take the school bus will leave the school by bus at 3PM.

2. The students who return home on their own or are picked up by guardians should leave the school at 3PM.






Classes will be resumed on January 4th (Monday).

1. Boarders shall return to school between 5PM and 6:30PM on January 3rd while the boarders who choose not to return school during this period should contact the homeroom teacher to state the reasons in advance.

2. The day students shall return school between 8AM and 8:15AM on January 4th.


















若返校前一周有发热、干咳、乏力、咽痛、嗅味觉减退、手足口 、疱疹性咽峡炎等及时向学校报告,治愈后符合社区返校要求且开具返校证明方可返校。





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Please pay attention to the following.

1. Stay local to celebrate the holiday

Currently, the global pandemic is severe, please stay local to celebrate the holiday and if unnecessary, please do not leave Guangdong province. To protect your health, the primary responsibility lies with you and please reduce the unnecessary gatherings and avoid going to crowded places, especially the medium, high-risk regions. It is encouraged to utilize phones, Wechat, social media and other ways to express the holiday blessings.

If travelling is needed, be sure to take precautions before, during and after the trip.

Before travel, it is required to learn about the pandemic condition, local pandemic prevention policies or requirements of the destinations in advance. It is encouraged to go to the destinations with sound ventilation. Please make online reservations in advance to avoid rush hours. It is encouraged to choose hotels with sound sanitation and ventilation facilities. Please prepare adequate protective equipment such as face masks, cleaning agents, hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.

During the journey, it is required to wear a mask at all times and reduce the frequencies of mask removal during the journey. Please avoid rush hours and go to the destinations with sound ventilation. Please pay attention to food hygiene, avoid any raw food, unsterilized milk or tap water, and do not eat wild animals or other food purchased from abnormal sources. If gatherings are needed, please use public spoons and chopsticks to reduce cross-infection. When you are sick, it is prohibited to attend any gatherings. When paying, it is recommended to use mobile payment as much as possible and reduce cash payment. Please keep receipts that help you determine whether you or your family members are related to the sites or people involved in the pandemic, which is conducive to pandemic control.

After the return, please pay close attention to your own physical condition and your families, as well as the pandemic situation. If you have been to any medium, high-risk regions in 14 days after the return, or if your journey itinerary has been overlapped with any personnel with virus nucleic acid testing positive, you should report to their residential committees (township committee) immediately and cooperate with the health institutions to take pandemic prevention measures. It is recommended that you and your family take a nucleic acid test after returning from other provinces.

2. Keep abreast of changes in health status

People who have fevers, dry cough, fatigue, hypogeusia, hyposphresia, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, pain or diarrhoea and other symptoms suspected as COVID-19 should immediately report to their residential committees (township committees), their work units, or the hotels. The ones who have the above symptoms should reach the nearest fever clinics and have a medical check. Please do not use public transportation to reach hospital and please take personal protection during the visit. If any infectious diseases happen in the families, please promptly report to the school and report correctly. Please keep abreast of changes in families’ health codes and the pendemic update in and outside China. If there was close contact or sub-close contact of coronavirus cases (including confirmed coronavirus cases and asymptomatic coronavirus infected persons), a history of travelling or living in medium, high-risk regions within China or abroad, please report to the residential committees (township committees) as well as the school that your children belong to.

3. Get vaccinated as soon as possible

As vaccination is the most effective, cost-effective and convenient way to prevent coronavirus, please get vaccinated as soon as possible. During the holidays, parents can take their children who are eligible for vaccination but have not completed the full process of novel Coronavirus vaccine to community clinics for vaccination, so as to jointly build an immune barrier for the population.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Please educate and guide family members and children to wash their hands frequently, wear masks, keep 1-meter physical distancing, avoid touching eyes, mouth, nose by hands and develop other good health habits. Please follow the pandemic measures such as scanning code and temperature measurements in public areas. Please buy food in the formal shopping malls or stores and avoid buying or even eating informal food or food that is out of date. Do not take any wild fruit, wild vegetables, wild mushrooms. Please maintain a regular rest schedule, ensure sleep time and have balanced diets. please actively organize family sports activities to enhance immunity. Reasonable use of electronic products is suggested and please pay attention to eye health and prevent myopia.

5. Pay attention to traffic safety

Please pay attention to traffic safety and avoid crossing the road when the red lights are on. please walk on crosswalks, overpasses and underpasses and avoid playing while walking. It is prohibited to cross fences or jaywalk.

6. Students who handed in the application for staying in ASJ at weekends are not allowed to stay in school during the holiday. Please make arrangements in advance and report the whereabouts to the homeroom teachers.

7. Return the school in good health condition  

If the students have fevers, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, hypogeusia, hyposphresia, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), herpangina other symptoms suspected as COVID-19 should immediately report to the school. Only those who finish the treatment and meet the community return-to-school requirements and receive a return permit can return to school.

False statements or concealment of facts are not allowed. Once the spread of epidemic or other large-scale infectious diseases happened due to the false statements or concealment of facts, the ones who reported false statements or conceal facts shall bear legal responsibilities.

ASJ wishes you a safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling Christmas and New Year holiday.

 the Affiliated School of Jinan University for Hong Kong and Macao Students

 13th December, 2021


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